Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Is On It's Way

It's that time of year again. This is Labor Day Weekend, every one's last chance to spend quality time at their cabin up north, and hours trying to navigate through the traffic compliments of their fellow travelers.

How do I really know that fall is on it's way? Here are the signs:

1. The temperatures in mid-Michigan are beginning to hang in the 70's nearly every day.
2. The Lions and Tigers are overlapping.
3. Michigan State football fills the pages of the Lansing State Journal, with extra sections detailing who the players are and how MSU will go about earning a winning season.
4. Local high school football also fills the pages of the State Journal and local papers.
5. Not to mention all the sports news on the various local TV stations.
6. Coaches Mark Dantanio and Rich Rodriguez (MSU and U of M, respectively) fill the airwaves and print.
7. Rich Rodriguez is again in some kind of trouble, somewhere.
8. The neighborhood has emptied out now that the kids are back in school.
9. The big orange school bus goes rumbling by, much to fast for our small side street.
10. The local athletic students, male and female, run in packs or alone up and down our streets.
11. Farmers Markets are closing down.
12. Ads for holiday goods are increasing.
13. Organizations are starting their monthly meetings once again.
14. Local Swiss steak dinners, spaghetti dinners, chicken dinners, and pancake breakfasts are once again in action.
15. Politicians are robocalling.
16. Fall is in the air. In some areas the leaves are beginning to change, already!
17. Ox-roasts and beer fests are on the agenda for September and October.
18. Summer music festivals are events of the past.
19. Networks are not only announcing their fall schedule, but viewers are inundated with promos.
20. David is coming from SE Texas to visit his Grandma this month.

All in all, it should be an interesting Fall. As the leaves change and the temperature drops, the air is filled with the promise of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The stores begin to fill up with shoppers, and the world seems to pick up its pace once again.

I hope all of you have a great Fall and your favorite sports team wins! Let the tailgating begin!

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