Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Happened on Your Birthday?

Your birthday year highlighted

Over the years I have run across books and cards that showed what main events occurred on my birthday or what "other" famous people had a birthday the same as mine. I have even sent cards to relatives that highlighted their birthday.

Now, there is a website we can visit that let's us know what was going on around the world the year we were born. Among the highlights are the pop culture sensations to the news of the day.

If you are bothered by the type-appearing-slowly thingy, just hit your refresh button and then hit cancel; everything will load at once.

To check out the site, go to

Photo Blogs and Tips

Another group of sites I enjoy are those that are devoted to photos. I recently read there are at least 14,536,786 photo blogs to choose from. How in the world are we going to check out each one? Sound pretty confusing?

Well, there is a site that will help sort out all those photo blogs. The site highlights some of the best from travel to fashions and weddings. There are also posts providing helpful tips for photographers,including studio lighting tips, how to pose for photographers and models and the top ten photos you can stop shooting.

Hope you enjoy these two sites. If you hear of any particularly interesting sites, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for the next best site. You can check out some of our favorite on the sidebar.