Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Information is Beautiful - Website Review

Another great website has come to my attention. Check out Information is Beautiful for a great visual experience. According to the subheading, the site is about "ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized."

It is a blast looking at all the charts, visuals, and other bits of information in a colorful display of sight-seeing opportunities. If you click on the "play" at the top of the page, you can see some very cool interactive graphics.

One example in a recent graph is an illustration of a world map showing what every country is good at - or what country holds number one for each topic- for instance, the United States is number one for serial killers. Yuk!

Mexico is number one for televisions. Cuba is number one for doctors (who knew!), and Canada is number one for fruit juice drinkers.

As you can see you will find some interesting results around the world.

Another interesting post is the comparative results of the oil spill - it is a not-to-miss graphic that will get your oil burning!

But, be careful, you may lose many hours out of your day - it is that addictive.

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